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The Art of Data Visualization: WebGL and Three.js Q&A with Michael Chang

08/29 · This interview provides a background for those interested in joining us for Michael's upcoming Three.js class and the parallel Three.jsfest Meetup. In this dialogue, Michael expands on his use of the Three.js library to handle OpenGL and elaborates on the inspiration behind his practice of mixing martial arts with creative coding in an ever widening optical and tactile framework.

08/27 · UP: San Francisco Open Call Selections Announced!

08/21 · Defiance of Preset Limitations with vade

08/16 · On Lo-Fi Imagery and Documentation: Audio Visualist, Stephanie Sherriff

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URBAN PROTOTYPING: SAN FRANCISCO is a design and technology festival featuring replicable digital and physical urban interventions that explore new possibilities in public space. The festival will showcase long-term curated projects and a “makeathon” for rapidly prototyped projects, all culminating in a street exhibition spanning two blocks in the mid-Market district.
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