Gray Area Studio Exhibition: PROTOTYPE

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Exhibition Description
The Gray Area studios have operated as a laboratory for its five artists in residence, fostering the creation of projects that overlap technology and traditional media. Using this collaborative workspace, the artists have created multi-disciplinary works that include immersive environments, digitally fabricated sculpture, kinetic paintings, audiovisual software/hardware, and other mixed media experiments. PROTOTYPE will be a dynamic group exhibition featuring a collection of individual and collaborative works created by our very first class of Resident Artists.

Alphonzo Solorzano
Born in San Francisco, Alphonzo Solorzano began to explore creatively as far back as he can recall. Drawing has always been first nature. Early influences would include his older brother’s comic collection, animation, vintage cinema posters. He received his BFA in 2004 from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. Working simultaneously in both disciplines as well as a commercial printer, would help to form a mixed media approach to his work. Alphonzo Solorzano currently resides in San Francisco where he continues to work diligently on his art. He has exhibited in various museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces on the west coast, Midwest and over seas.

Gabriel Dunne
Gabriel Dunne’s work spans fine art to design and technology in the mediums of installation, architecture, industrial design, and audio/visual programming. His pursuits insight the exploration of life, music and sound, structure, and systems in the natural world. His projects have been shown internationally at conferences and exhibitions around the world. He is a San Francisco native, and holds a B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA.

Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander experiments with generative techniques in animation and design. He spends his time hacking software for live visuals, and exploring what’s possible with all the crazy tools humanity has at its disposal.

Miles Stemper
Classically trained as a painter, Miles Stemper’s work is a way of connecting his interests in digital media, technology, optics and the physical pleasure of painting. His work uses gestural mark-making, geometry and digital reinterpretation as a way of understanding the relevance of painting in an increasingly digitized world. Raised in Seattle, Miles received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, has worked in Germany and has exhibited work on both coasts.

Daniel Massey
Daniel Massey (b. 1982, Mexico) is an artist, designer, and programmer based out of San Francisco, CA. Daniel’s recent work seeks to instigate new modes of collaboration, creation, and transformation by approaching technology as inherently malleable. His projects take on varied forms, from immersive installations and web-based work, to live visuals and sound. Daniel earned his MFA in Digital Arts & New Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

PROTOTYPE Installation Timelapse from GAFFTA on Vimeo.