Bicycle Built For Two Thousand wins distinction at transmediale 2010

Gray Area artists Daniel Massey and Aaron Koblin received a distinction award at transmediale 2010 for their piece Bicycle Built For Two Thousand, a composition of 2,088 vocal recordings collected via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk recreating the song Daisy Bell.

In the Award Ceremony on Saturday, 6 February, Barbara Kisseler (Permanent Secretary of the State of Berlin) and the members of both juries announced the winners of both the transmediale Award 2010 and the Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010!

Canadian artist Michelle Teran is the winner of the transmediale Award 2010. Her work Buscando al Sr. Goodbar was awarded with a prize of 6,000 Euros. A Distinction worth 2,000 Euros was given to the Americans Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey for their work Bicycle Built For Two Thousand.

The Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010, also worth 2,000 Euros, was given to biologist and artist Warren Neidich (us/de) for his research project Neuropower.

Source: transmediale