openFrameworks and Arduino Workshop

Instructors: Joshua Noble Author of “Programming Interactivity”

Dates: November 20th + 21st

Time: 12 – 6pm on all dates

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Description: A workshop to learn how to create physically interactive applications using Arduino and openFrameworks. We’ll explore how openFrameworks and C++ work and how they can communicate with Arduino applications and devices. Students will learn some of the basics of how the Arduino and openFrameworks platforms work, learn to how to connect the two, and then get started working with two of them to start making applications that can react to physical input and the make physical feedback using buttons, knobs, servos, LEDs, and computer vision.

Students will learn not only the basics of openFrameworks and Arduino, but also understand how to use simple electronic components, Serial communication, and computer vision to create interactive art or design. I intend to have this course be both an introduction to these tools and to the theory of making interactive art and design, so we’ll talk some both about techniques and about how implement those techniques. By the end of the class everyone should feel more or less comfortable experimenting with both hardware and code and have a sense of what resources to use and how to take their next steps. Plus, we’ll have a lot of fun.

The class is a 12-hour weekend intensive cost is $20 per instruction hour. $240 for non-GAFFTA members and $216 for members. The course requires an additional materials fee of $50 for an Arduino Kit or if you can provide your own Arduino kit.

Arduino Kit Requirements:
Arduino board
USB Cable
5 x Resistors
2 x Buttons
1 x Potentiometer
1 x Trossen Servo Kit or 1 x Servo motor

Laptops are required for the course. If you do not have one please let us know when you register.