Processing 200: Data Visualization

Instructor: Tom Carden
Dates: May 24, 26, 31 and June 2
Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays – 6pm-9pm

Data visualization is nothing to be afraid of! We’re going to take a
look behind the scenes at how interactive visualization software is
designed and built.

We’ll use Processing for ease of sketching and testing so you should
be up and running and familiar with its basic operations: creating a
new sketch, setup() and draw(), running code, modifying variables,

We’ll begin with a little bit of theory and an overview of the tools,
people and companies out there in the field. We’ll then transition
into a more hands-on workshop where you’ll start to code with a simple data
set (one you’ve brought or one we find together). The skills and
processes covered will be applicable to all programming languages and
interactive graphics environments.


Lesson 1: Introduction
* we desire fearlessness
* what is data visualization
* how do you do it?
* what are good tools?
* recap Processing
* homework: what are good examples?

Lesson 2: Building Blocks
* homework review
* loading data
* drawings vs models
* scaling data
* choosing colors
* zooming and panning
* adding labels (handling text)
* animating transitions
* a “simple” example
* get started!
* homework: keep going!

Lesson 3: Refinement
* review lesson 2 & homework
* details matter!
* publishing / performing / sharing
* workshop session: keep coding!
* keep going!

Lesson 4: Finishing
* review lesson 3 & homework
* clinic session: bring code (working or not!)
* show and tell / next steps