Liquid Time

Project Description

Liquid Time – Tenderloin is an interactive installation commissioned by the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts as the first featured work in the Tendorama Window Gallery Project. The gallery’s prominent 15’ x 8’ front display windows facing Taylor Street allow residents and passers-by to witness a piece of art that documents the surrounding neighborhood. As people walk beneath GAFFTA’s marquee, Utterback’s software disrupts pre-recorded video clips of sites and people around the Tenderloin. People’s movement along the sidewalk fragments time in the projected clips, returning to stillness as the viewers move away. The interface of one’s body – which can only exist in one place, at one time – becomes the means to create a space where multiple times and perspectives coexist.

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Liquid Time Tenderloin by Camille Utterback from GAFFTA on Vimeo.