Project Description

Seaquence is a social music project that allows people to create and consume short musical compositions in a unique interactive online environment. The musical patterns in Seaquence are represented as biologically-inspired life forms which are both heard and seen. Different sounds and timbres are visualized as unique character traits in each life-form. Users can navigate through the field of submissions, creating a unique musical and visual experience. In addition to navigating and exploring through this field of micro compositions and sequences, users can also create, publish and share ‘Seaquences’ of their own via the native sequencer and synthesizer tools.

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Seaquence was awarded an Anerkennung – Honorary Mention in the Digital Communities category of Prix Ars Electronica 2011 International Competition for CyberArts.



Seaquence made its debut at the Web 2.0 Summit 2009. A project developed by GAFFTA resident artists Ryan Alexander, Gabriel Dunne, and Daniel Massey. Originally emerging out of a discussion around creating a community-based fundraising project for the new arts organization, the project quickly took a life of its own as an open web platform for music creation. Since 2009, Seaquence has continued to evolve through various iterations—each of which has sought to tackle the technical and methodological challenges of making an intuitive yet versatile online tool for the creation and sharing of musical compositions. The official online launch in October 2010 was met with an unexpected amount of engagement.


Team Information

Ryan Alexander
Gabriel Dunne
Daniel Massey