Project Description

Unlocking the value of building data.

GOODBUILDINGS helps you compare commercial spaces based on their environmental performance and other features you won’t find on other sites. Through providing tenants, brokers, and owners access to information about energy operations, occupant experience, resource efficiency, and neighborhood integration, we encourage continuous improvement of commercial buildings.

At, our vision is to aggregate public and user-generated information from other websites, to make commercial building information transparent and easy to access.

On our interactive map, we will display information like energy usage, building amenities, and comments from tenants, so that:

brokers can find properties for people with particular needs;
building owners get real feedback from occupants;
tenants have a say;
and transparent information about buildings is available for all, in turn adding value to local government policies, education efforts and goals.

Team Information

Sepehr Sadighpour
Boaz Gurdin
Christine Outram
Mayra Madriz
Chris Jefferies
Shawn Simister
Anthony Faber
Sarah Filley
Rebecca Goldman
Megan Gee
Jordan O’brien
Alexander Hespe
Michael Makarov
Barry Hooper


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