SMART muni

Project Description

System Management Acting in Real Time

An app to identify incidents in the Muni system and prioritize and coordinate resolution.

Transit operations management can use the SMART Muni interface to access realtime NextMUNI data to make on-the-fly fixes/tweaks to the MUNI system to make it run faster and more reliably. Trouble tickets appear automatically or can be manually generated. Issues are prioritized and resolution efforts are coordinated among Operations Central Control and Line Management staff. Collected data correlates typical problems with preferred solutions vetted by experienced managers; the app offers these solutions in a menu, giving staff access to the organization’s institutional memory. The data will eventually be used to seed MTA’s planned new communications system, easing the transition before it goes online.

Team Information

Winnie Fong
Peter Enzminger
Zach Erbe
Matt Kroneberger
Eden Sherry
Emily Drennen
Judy van Soldt


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