Social Farming

Project Description

Our team came together around a common goal of assisting the development of the existing Kijani Grows project. Eric Maundu’s project has much potential, and by assisting in web development, business/marketing strategy, and developing a viable business model, we hope to enhance community access to his farming solutions. His innovation and our drive to make his ideas a reality, made this weekend intellectually and socially fulfilling..

This project allowed us to delve into brainstorming creative ways to deal with various problems that the Kijani site and business has faced. Our goal is to keep with developing the site, and work on helping increase sales of the solution system that Eric has invented.

Team Information

Michiel Makarov
Naureen Nayyar
Eric Maundu
Sarah Filley
Gene Brock
Kevin Fax
Marianna Anderly


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