The Gray Area’s Tendorama Window Gallery Project is a series of rotating bi-monthly window installations in the gallery’s prominent 15’ x 8’ front display window. Each installation will be designed, developed, and installed by individual artists or artist groups from San Francisco and beyond. This vibrant, site-specific window installation project will be viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by residents and visitors of the Tenderloin.

Tendorama from Taylor Street
Tendorama from Taylor Street

Tendorama derives from the word “panorama”, which means “all that can be seen from a certain point”. The Gray Area takes profound inspiration from its root word “horama”, meaning “sight”. Thus, Tendorama: “to see the Tenderloin.”

The goal of this project is to provide the Tenderloin with dynamic, publicly accessible art on a block currently blotted with blank walls and vacant buildings. The window gallery format will provide a two-way lens for information exchange, allowing the community to see what is going on inside the gallery as well as providing a forum for artists to observe and comment artistically on what they see in the neighborhood.

Interior view of TendoramaInterior view of Tendorama

Tendorama Exhibitions:

Liquid Time San Francisco (Camille Utterback) October 2009
SeaQuence (Gabriel Dunne, Daniel Massey, Ryan Alexander) December 2009
Archetype Concept Store (Melissa Marie, Jarred Garza) March 2010
City Centered (10 Projects, 20+ Artists) June 2010
Rise and Shine (Peter Petrochko) August 2010