Building Augmented Reality Apps with Layar


Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays, January 24, 26, 31 & February 2
Times: 6pm – 9pm
Course Length: 12 hours
Cost: $20/instruction hour, $240 total, $216 for GAFFTA Members
Location: GAFFTA, 998 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Registration Closed.


This 4 class workshop will introduce the basic tools and techniques required to make custom interactive augmented reality applications using the Layar platform. Layar uses the camera on a user’s smartphone to superimpose content on the screen that’s based on GPS location data or increasingly, from a visual cue. The browser boasts 1.5 million active users. Layar is just one of several augmented reality browsers for mobile devices.

Together, we will move from learning the basics of how users interact with AR apps, to the kinds of content one can put in the application, to best practices and non-linear storytelling and exploring the possibilities of real-world ubiquitous computing experiences. Working together in a project-based format students are invited to explore the creative possibilities of this technology, including subversive reality tourism, peer to peer content sharing, open-ended storytelling, hidden local narratives, interactive art, ambient games and more.

Course Materials: TBA

Paige Saez


Paige Saez is a visual artist, interaction designer and teacher, she’s also the founder of Little Cities, a design collective that focuses on social interaction design and social architecture. Previous to this she founded the Makerlab in 2007 with Anselm Hook. Makerlab was a creatively focused collaborative space. We hosted weekly skill-share workshops, created original performance works, held concerts and events. As an organization it was Portland, Oregon’s first Maker space devoted to the intersections between art, technology and urbanism. Under the guise of Makerlab I developed a number of geo-focused social applications for web and mobile devices. Previous to this Paige curated for three galleries, and co-founded her own artist residency program at Gallery Homeland. In addition to this she’s a longstanding member of the internationally renowned arts collective Red76.