Kinect for Unity 3D


Dates: Saturday & Sunday, March 3 & 4
Times: 10am – 4pm
Course Length: 12 hours
Cost: $20/instruction hour, $240 total, $216 for GAFFTA Members
Location: GAFFTA, 998 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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This workshop will cover how to use Kinect with Unity. Examples that include hand tracking, skeleton tracking and multi-player will be covered. Javascript, Boo or C# are helpful but not required. This is an introductory course which will also cover the basics of the Unity environment. Starting from install and hacking the device, if you have never worked with Kinect, but have wanted to, this is a great way to get started. The class is Mac focused but compatible with Windows as well. We will create a simple game during the duration of the workshop using a Natural User Interface. Basic design principles behind Natural User Interfaces are discussed as well. Unity is free from

Course Materials: Microsoft Kinect & Unity 3D (free)

Amir Hirsch


Amir is the Founder and CEO of Zigfu, the developer the Unity3D-Kinect bindings. Prior to Zigfu, Amir started Tinker Heavy Industries and created interactive characters and educational mobile apps for children. Prior to that, Amir was an engineer as Quickware, where he developed a PDP-11/70 replacement system to control nuclear power plants. Amir has a BS in Math, a BS in EECS, and a MEng in EECS from MIT.