#arthacksf: soundQuake

Project Description

Our project is a visual and acoustic representation of Bay Area earthquake data from 1973 – present day. Technologically, we used 3D graphics and the web audio API to visualize geo-located data points and earthquake magnitudes from a fusion table comprising approximately 900 earthquakes that have happened in the Bay Area over the last 30 years. Every time an earthquake occurs over a chosen time range, a 3D rectangle will rise from the mapped epicenter and produce the sound of a banjo chord. Conceptually, we wanted to take something that is really terrifying in real life and create a beautiful and almost meditative experience that is simultaneously literal and abstract. We chose to use an 8-bit map and banjo recordings produced during the weekend to bring in a low-fi element to juxtapose our use of cutting edge technology. Finally, we also wanted to provide the viewer with their own personal experience by giving them visual, time range, speed and even data set options.

Team Information

Danny Bowman
Kyle Warren
Lisa Hiatt
Chris Delbuck
Barry Threw


Project URL: soundquake.d-bow.com

GitHub URL: https://github.com/bowman224/soundQuake

About #arthacksf

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