Here Right Now

Project Description

Here Right Now is the result of a partnership between GAFFTA and the English rock band Duran Duran. Inspired by the group’s thirteenth studio album All You Need is Now, Here Right Now is a platform for people from around the world to share images of their own Now experiences. The project’s goal is to visualize, photo by photo, the different perceptions of common words, ideas, and events from around the world.

Visit Here Right Now’s website to contribute your own image

Instructional Video

Project Launch at DLD 2012 Conference

Team Information

Design and Technology:
Nik Hanselmann - Designer/Developer
Gabriel Dunne - Creative Technology Director
Josette Melchor - Project Director
Chloe Sladden - Twitter/GAFFTA
Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski – Communications Consultant

Members of Duran Duran:
Simon Le Bon
Nick Rhodes
John Taylor
Roger Taylor

Magus Entertainment:
Duran Duran Management

Duran Duran Community Manager:
Katy Krassner

Red Magnet Media: Digital Agency
Rachel Masters
Mayka Mei
Sasha Paulka
Kristen Hawley

Technologies used:

Node JS