Joe Brilliant

Made in Michigan and brewed in the Bay Area, Joe Brilliant is an accomplished social media professional, marketer, organizer and writer. Prior to joining GAFFTA, Joe was the Online Marketing Manager at Al Gore’s Emmy Award-winning Current TV where he helped conceive and launch a multi-platform social news product at the center of Current’s peer-to-peer international news and information network. Joe also volunteered as Deputy Youth Director for the Obama for America Campaign in New Mexico and received his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley. As Director of Marketing and Development, Joe spearheads GAFFTA’s marketing, outreach and fund-raising efforts; identifying and executing strategic programs, partnerships, sponsorships and relationships that help ensure GAFFTA meets its social and financial objectives. When not doing the digital hustle, Joe enjoys exploring and exposing the cutting edge of music and technology, obsessing over Bay Area sports teams, hanging with his dogs (human and canine) and reciting quotes from Big Trouble in Little China. You can follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook.