Miles Stemper

Painting is a way to invest myself in the process of decoding, distilling and manipulating the concepts of visual communication. This body of work relies on gestural mark-making, geometry and digital reinterpretation as a way of understanding the relevance of painting in an increasingly digitized world. These paintings were created using a variety of traditional and technological processes to form a group of kinetic paintings that come together as an immersive spacial installation.

Geometry forms the structure of these works and serves as a relevant visual building block in the modern age because it is dictated by the same criteria of functional communication as technology: geometry is efficiency of form, an articulate representation of space. As technology progressively becomes more integrated into human interactions and personal psychologies, it should also become more integrated into my paintings as a way of representing the present.

Which is why I chose to employ a variety of painting and production techniques in this work: from spray paint to oil paint to plotters and motors. As materials blend on the surface of my paintings, the unique properties of both man-made and machine-made elements inform an abstract understanding of the present relationship of man and technology.