Susan (Qzen) Langan

The musical spirit, the voice, the spark, the magician that lives within us all… A Bay Area resident her whole life, Susan Langan has been part of San Francisco’s musical heart and soul since Web 1.0 times. At her core, she’s a DJ in the broadest sense… yes, she’s been [wo]manning the decks for more than a decade, jockeying drum and bass, house & techno, disco and party music under the name Qzen, thrilling crowds ’round the world. But she’s also taken curation and presentation to next/other levels — she was a co-founder and creative director of Groundscore, San Francisco’s legendary female-run drum and bass event crew that threw parties both small and huge (2000+) from the late ’90s into the middle of this decade — she reached ears far and wide as a radio host and DJ for both Groovetech and West Add Radio/Moxie Musik, booking cutting-edge artists from all over the globe — and previous to GAFFTA her work experience culminated in a five-year stint at iTunes, where she was the sole editor for dance and electronic music. She also lent her voice to the production work of a few well-regarded electronic musicians and created her own music with The Invisibles and 40 Thieves over the past few years.