Pete Petrochko

“The world is our reflection on the surface of reality.”

While studying at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1998, Peter Petrochko was inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell and Rene Magritte to ask the question “What is an object?” The question evolved with his MFA work at the San Francisco Art Institute as he began to contemplate the nature of the object as existing both in virtuality and actuality. A 2008 trip to Robert Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty,” introduced the role of perception and the sense of self to the equation and his project “Object Perceptualism” began to crystallize. Presently living in San Francisco, Petrochko’s paintings and mixed media works remain a philosophical exploration of the mysterious place consciousness occupies, connecting the virtual world of perceptual information with physical world of creation.

“The gravity of our situation is that although we exist in the natural world, we live in the virtual, and in the space between we find the self contemplating why.”