Sofy Yuditskaya

On a cold and stormy night in late November, Sofy is born, in Experimental Birth Clinic Number 26, City of Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In 1989 she gives up all nationality and identity documents and becomes a true global citizen.
She adopts a nomadic life in the proper tradition of her Siberian ancestry, passing through most of Europe as well as the North American Continent.
In 2004, she decides to consummate the perfect union of renaissance and industrial age ideals by officially enlisting to work for the advancement of science and art and begins her studies at The Cooper Union in NYC.
Since receiving her degree in 2008, she has pursued continued experimentation in the decentralization of human subjectivity through technology and propaganda. Sometimes working as a cultural mercenary for houses such as Hearst and ARS Electronica, sometimes as a free agent.
She is currently studying for her masters of Professional Studies at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at ITP in New York.