Cullen Miller

San Francisco-based sound artist and composer Cullen Miller synthesizes an abstract hybrid of aleatoric pop and noisy minimalism. Incorporating original field recordings, heavy use of digital signal processing, breezy vocals, strip club synths, and peculiar horn arrangements, Miller weaves together a musical tapestry that is threaded by clicky pop and techno. His compositional endeavors began by learning double bass and studying contemporary classical and jazz theory under the Netherlands based composer and bassist, Chad Langford. After his studies, Miller’s obsession with experimentation led him to an interest in designing performance tools with custom software. He is currently a resident at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and is developing performances for their multichannel immersive audio environment. Miller performs periodically with his 7 piece electroacoustic ensemble, Santa and under his dub guise, Selande. He has releases on Konque (NYC), Igloo-Rec (AR), Two Circles (DET) and Cunei Media (SF).

Born and raised in Detroit, a knack for automated culture is deeply embedded into his creative process. After receiving his B.A. in Music Composition, he was taken onto the San Francisco State University faculty to teach digital signal processing and Ableton Live. His experience with modern classical music led to his work with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP), a Bay Area based non-profit dedicated to commissioning and performing new works. During his time in New York City, Miller served as the Artistic Director for the Brooklyn-based new media art space, Devotion Gallery. In his spare time he runs Cunei Media, a blog and netlabel dedicated to broadcasting digital data pertaining to "noise, nature, & networks" across the interwebs.

Apart from working at various educational institutions and arts organizations, Miller is actively pursuing his own musical endeavors. He can be found DJing his own brand of recondite pop music in clubs across the country. He is currently the operator of the multimedia suite and is Director of Public Programs at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.