Three Incredible Things About Civic Hackathons

Hackathons uniquely produce prototypes, community, and accountability in a way that no other format we know of can. As a nonprofit focused on creating impact, we've thought a lot about changes to the traditional hackathon model to make it more effective, and have embedded a lot of this thinking into our recent programming - building diverse partnership networks and placing hack weekends within much larger research initiatives over a longer period of time.

Announcing: Gray Area Blog

Today, we're excited to announce the Gray Area Blog, our outlet for curated discussion of everything GAFFTA-related. This means pieces of everything you've come to know and love from us: a healthy mix of generative art, open-source creative technology, interactive media, data visualization, web cartography, physical computing, local fabrication, citizen sensors, spatial sound, smart cities, digital urbanism, rapid prototyping, and multidisciplinary hacking that creates social, civic, and artistic value will be highlighted in one place - our blog!