Creative Technology Studies


Our Creative Technology Studies (CTS) program offers a series of specialized courses covering topics pertaining to creative coding and physical computing. Our renowned faculty are dedicated to sharing the skills necessary for hacking, coding, and soldering your dreams together. Our students range from novices to professionally active artists and designers, and everyone in between. CTS provides participants with hands-on exposure to a wide array of projects that foster creative exploration and technical skills for prototyping and development.

Gray Area is committed to training our students to be proficient in the skills necessary for creative use of the tools used in interaction design and trades at the intersection of art and technology. As a community based non-profit, we are committed to sharing open source skills at a fraction of the cost of alternative facilities.


Gray Area offers four types of certifications: Sound Emphasis, Visual Emphasis, Physical Interaction and Web Emphasis. Upon completion a Creative Technology Studies certificate that verifies the completion and mastery of our curriculum is awarded to you. Each trimester we offer courses covering the fundamentals of both Arduino and Processing. Completion of these courses are mandatory for a Creative Technology certification. The official Gray Area Creative Technology certification encompasses a total of 24 hours of core curriculum (see below) + 24 classroom hours in your emphasis.

All students enrolled in the certification program are required to present their work in the form of an exposition to GAFFTA’s panel for a critique.


Audio Emphasis

Set focused sights on the ever evolving world of digital audio and hone your understanding of video game audio, coding and scripting, app development, and other pertinent audio tools. Throughout the program we will demonstrate techniques for creating and controlling sound, networking controllers, encoding and decoding audio, wave field synthesis, various programming techniques, and spatial audio simulations. Unlike other audio education programs that offer courses pertaining to recording and mixing techniques, our program emphasizes the cutting edge digital audio techniques applied in new media and interactive design communities.

Visual Emphasis

We encourage anyone who is interested in the generative art, visualization of data, design aesthetics and creative coding to consider the Visual Emphasis. We explore the concepts of dynamic forms, analyze behaviors and gestures, and learn how to simulate, iterate and organize ideas. Working with new media requires a fluency in computation, we concentrate heavily on bridging the gap between aesthetics and technicalities; between pragmatism and critical thought. Our globally renown faculty convey the principles with examples of their own works.


Web Emphasis

Our Web Emphasis is a blend of critical thinking and design principles infused with programming techniques. Instruction highlights application construction, coding and user interfaces. The CTS program involves our students with hands-on projects right away. Students will conduct research and are required to develop creative solutions to problems presented to them. Students will learn how to structure information architecture and test usability. Students learn how to create systems and products that are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Physical Interaction Emphasis

If tactility, interaction, and tangible interfaces are more your thing, you should consider the Physical Interaction Emphasis. Some of the topics that we highlight include various forms of 3D art, prototyping, multitouch interfaces, electronics, conductive fabrics and physical computing. Our faculty embed the fundamentals and eventually graduate to the technicalities necessary for rapid prototyping of your ideas.